03.10. until 06.10.2019 in Portland, United States

Panel GSA 2019: German-Polish Borderlands in Contemporary Literature and Culture

  • 03.10. until 06.10.2019
  • Event languages: German, English
  • Event location: GSA
  • Type of Event: Call for Papers

Link to this post: https://www.pol-int.org/en/node/7440

This panel seeks to discuss contemporary German and Polish literature and culture
through the lens of their "entangled" cultural history. We are looking for up to two
presenters as well as a moderator and a commentator to complete the panel. The current
papers are: "Imagining Gendered Bodies in the Borderland" by Karolina May-Chu and
"Iconizing the German-Polish Borderland – an Intermedia Perspective" by Paula Wojcik.
Scholars have reflected extensively on the complexity of borders, examining how they
simultaneously divide and connect, include and exclude, and how they can be real as well
as figurative. Borders are thus ambiguous lines that create ambiguous territories, and these
are often explored, deconstructed, or reimagined in literature, art, and performance.
We invite submissions on contemporary literary and cultural texts that reflect on the
German-Polish relationship from diverse angles. The "borderlands" in the panel title are to
be understood in their political, historical, as well as figurative sense, and we seek to
discuss works that (re)imagine the German-Polish relationship today.
Possible paper topics include but are not limited to:
- narrative construction (or omission) of the Polish, Jewish, and German relationship
- questions of collective and individual memory
- contested memories and histories
- Polish-German relations in the broader European context
- poetic and linguistic experimentation
- cultural politics
- international theater, theater festivals, performances
- translation and "mistranslation"
If you are interested in being a moderator or commentator, please e-mail us.
If you are interested in presenting a paper on the panel, please send an abstract of approx.
250 words in English or in German and a short biographical note to the panel organizers:
Karolina May-Chu (maychu@uwm.edu) and Paula Wojcik (paula.wojcik@uni-jena.de) by
February 3, 2019.
All participants, including moderators and commentators, must be members of the German
Studies Association with the membership fees paid for the current year.


Paula Wojcik