19.10. until 22.10.2022 in Kraków, Poland

4th International Congress of Polish History 'Cultural Encounters'

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4th International Congress of Polish History 'Cultural Encounters'

Kraków, 19-22 October 2022

Every five years since 2007, Kraków has hosted the International Congress of Polish History. Each of these remarkable events has brought together hundreds of scholars from all over the world to share their interests in Poland's history, culture, and language. From its beginnings, the main aim of the congress has been to provide a forum for developing dialogue, exchanging experiences and inspiration, and popularizing research into Polish history.

We are now starting our planning for the continuation of this project, and we invite you warmly to be part of this, the fourth International Congress of Polish History. Despite the uncertainty and unpredictability that the pandemic has brought, we are going ahead with the organization of the congress, firm in the belief that it will be possible for us all to meet safely in Kraków in October 2022.

The theme of our congress this time will be 'Cultural Encounters'. We set out to look at the history of the Polish lands through the lens of the mutual relations and interactions of the many cultural currents and models that have been present here for decades and even centuries. Ideas and assets, customs and models, identities and languages, have come together here as if in a crucible, a laboratory, or a transhipment port. Cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious, economic, demographic, and social diversity has always been the dominant note in Poland's past and has left lasting traces in our cultural legacy and collective identity. As we invite our fellow scholars with research interests in Poland to Kraków, we hope to explore the dynamics, scale, and complexity of these interactions, probe the main channels of transmission and retransmission, and consider the outcomes for Poland of these cultural encounters We have pledged to adopt the broadest possible definition of culture, to take account of both its elevated and popular registers.

We hope that in defining our subject in this way, we will attract interest from a broad base and provide a forum for a lively dialogue on Polish history in the global context. As in previous years, we, therefore, extend our invitation to our sessions, discussions, and lectures to proponents of a range of disciplines, from historians, archaeologists, art historians, and anthropologists, to sociologists, linguists, and literature and cultural studies scholars. Alongside our preparations for the congress itself, we are also launching the fourth edition of our competition 'Pro Historia Polonorum', for the best foreign book on Polish history published in recent years.

With this invitation to support and be part of our fourth congress, we venture to share our fervent hope that, as in previous years, our meetings in Kraków will foster the discovery and development of new research perspectives, vibrant debate, and above all, authentic togetherness and dialogue.

Call for Papers and Panels

The 4th International Congress of Polish History, entitled 'Cultural Encounters', is inviting papers for presentation and proposals for Congress sessions. The Congress centres around the mutual relations and interactions between cultures, patterns and social norms that have been present in Poland for centuries. The question of the dynamics, scale, and complexity of these interactions, together with the main directions of transmission and retransmission of cultural patterns, constitute the central research problem guiding the Congress.

The Congress seeks to examine themes relating to various periods of Polish history, as perceived through the lens of such disciplines of the humanities and social sciences as historical sciences, archaeology, art history, anthropology and sociology. We particularly welcome proposals of papers that are innovative, interdisciplinary and prepared by international research teams.

Submissions of papers should include:

  • - paper title,
  • - abstract of no more than 1200 characters,
  • - a short bio and contact details of the author.

Panel submissions should include:

  • - session title,
  • - contact details of the moderator(s),
  • - a description containing the main research problem, the proposed form of the meeting, the subject area of individual presentations; the description should not exceed 2000 characters
  • - names and affiliation of the speakers.

The topics of the proposed sessions should not overlap with the already suggested panel themes (a list attached). The planned duration of the session should not exceed 3 hours, including the time for discussion.

Applications for sessions and paper submissions should be sent via the online form by 10 July 2021. The Organising Committee members will select the papers for presentation at the Congress by 5 September 2021.

The organisers are making every effort to ensure that all speakers will be provided with accommodation during their stay in Krakow and that selected participants will be fully or at least partially reimbursed for their travel costs. Further information regarding the participation costs and fees will be announced in the early months of 2022.

In case of any questions, please contact the Organising Committee at sekretariat.ivkongresu@gmail.com.

Organisers: Krakow Branch of the Polish Historical Society, Jagiellonian University, Pedagogical University of Krakow


  • - List of panel themes


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