26.02. until 07.03.2021 in Warsaw , Poland

The 1st International Winter Mini Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture ON-LINE

  • 26.02. until 07.03.2021
  • starting at: 16:00
  • Event language: English
  • Deadline for submissions: 22.02.2021
  • Shalom Foundation&Center for Yiddish Culture
  • Event location: ON-LINE
  • Type of Event: Miscellaneous
  • Download conference handout

Link to this post: https://www.pol-int.org/en/node/9292

Jewish winter? The Shalom Foundation in cooperation with the Center for Yiddish Culture invite all Yiddish lovers to a virtual meeting with Yiddish language and with Jewish literature and culture, which will take place through the ZOOM platform on two weekends: 26 -28 February and 5-7 March. Leitmotif: winter holiday!

Warsaw Yiddishists cannot wait any longer until our traditional summer seminar, so they want to spend also winter holidays together with you! Thanks to online teaching we will be able to meet our friends from all around the world and learn Yiddish during language classes and special events. Through the lectures and workshops you will not only immerse yourself in the history of Jewish holidays as well as the language and culture of Ashkenazi Jews, but also just to… relax from the comfort of your own home!

Contact us: winterwakacjes@gmail.com

Project coordinators: Natalia Chmielarz & Michalina Jadczak

Full seminar program: language course (at the selected level of advancement) + workshop module + lecture module

– one weekend (26-28.02)
PRICE: 100 euro, 125$

– two weekends (26-28.02 + 6-8.03)
PRICE: 200 euro, 250$

The language course only

both weekends (26-28.02 + 6-8.03)
PRICE: 130 euro, 170$

Workshop module:

both weekends (26-28.02 + 6-8.03)
PRICE: 90 euro, 86$

Lectures module: PRICE: 7 euro/ 10$ (for 1 from 4)

More info: http://jidyszland.pl/en/yiddish-seminar/


Natalia Chmielarz & Michalina Jadczak