13.10. until 14.10.2017 in Berlin, Germany

Science Polish Perspectives Meetup Berlin

  • 13.10. until 14.10.2017
  • starting at: 12:30
  • Event language: English
  • Deadline for submissions: 01.09.2017
  • Polonium Foundation
  • Event location: Festsaal Humboldt Graduate School Luisenstraße 56 Berlin, Germany
  • Type of Event: Conference
  • Download conference handout

Link to this post: https://www.pol-int.org/en/node/6183

Science Polish Perspectives Meetup - this October in Berlin.


What is SPP Meetup Berlin?

SPP Meetup Berlin is an interdisciplinary conference that aims to gather Polish scientists working or studying in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to meet in Berlin this autumn. For two days, researchers will present their projects, exchange experiences, network and take part in panel discussions.

The conference is oriented for PhD students, young scientists, postdoctoral researchers, and also for innovators and people who are actively cooperating between academia and business. We invite everybody, no matter if he/she recently came to Germany, were born here, feel connected to Poland for other reasons or are just interested in "the Polish Perspective". This year our list of keynote speakers include: Prof. Agnieszka Chacińska (IIMCB, Warsaw), Prof. Agnieszka Zalewska (IFJ PAN, Cracow) and Dr. Marcin Piątkowski (The World Bank, Warsaw).

We invite you to visit our website: www.sciencepolishperspectives.org/spp-meetup-berli... to find out more about the event.


SPP Berlin Team
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