16.01. until 18.01.2020 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Researching and Comparing Historical Cinema Cultures: Film Popularity and Mapping

  • 16.01. until 18.01.2020
  • Event language: English
  • Event location: Goethe-Universität, Campus Westend: Seminarhaus SH 4.109 / Präsidium u. Administration PA P 04
  • Type of Event: Workshop
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Within the field of 'New Cinema History' (Maltby, Biltereyst & Meers, 2011), scholars from different disciplines have enhanced evidence-based investigations by designing and adapting pragmatic methods and devices. Much of the contribution has come from both statistical calculation of film popularity and digital tools for mapping exhibition places, each of which provide empirical basis for comparative studies respectively. This two-part workshop brings together researchers who are currently working on cinema-related projects and intend to share, explore and improve practical skills in both areas. Each part of the workshop consists of presentations and practical sections leaving enough time for "blue sky thinking" about prospects for future collaboration and allied comparative projects.

Organized within the framework of the DFG funded project: Cinema Culture in Warsaw 1895/6-1939: A Transnational Perspective by Karina Pryt.


Karina Pryt