12.03.2021 in online, Poland

Polish Cold War Archives: A Sweeping View

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History Online is a new series of seminars to explore freely accessible digital collections with archivists internationally. In the COVID and post-pandemic world, more primary-document research will be conducted via remote devices using new techniques. While upholding the rigors of responsible scholarship, what are the possibilities now available to scholars and students? With massive numbers of free-access collections globally going digital, how do we remain disciplined and targeted when searching, yet also let the information lead us to new findings? As with old-fashioned approaches, the archivists guide us to new understandings.

Seminar participants include:

  • Franciszek Dąbrowski PhD, archivist in the Institute of National Remembrance Archives (digital resources branch), deputy editor-in-chief of the "Institute of National Remembrance Review", lecturer with the Institute of Military History, War Studies University in Warsaw.
  • Marek Dąbrowski, archivist in the Institute of National Remembrance Archives (digital resources branch), coordinates the archival on-line publication projects.
  • Jan Annusewicz, archivist in Central Archives of Modern Records in Warsaw (social and family archives support branch).

The seminar will discuss the collections in:

  • Archiwum Instytutu Pamięci Narodowej
  • Institute of National Remembrance Archives (AIPN)

Records of the former security police of the Communist dictatorship in Poland, among others. Minutes of the Warsaw Pact Political Advisory Committee, as well as its Defense Ministers' Committee meetings, and collections of the security police intelligence branch and military intelligence.

  • Archiwum Akt Nowych, Central Archives of Modern Records (AAN):

Records of government and central institutions, including the vast collection of the Central Committee of Communist party, and many other decision-making bodies in Communist-ruled Poland.

To register, please email history.online2021@gmail.com.

The first seminars took us to the Rockefeller Archive Center in Tarrytown, NY, the Open Society Archives in Budapest, Hungary, the FRUS Collection with the US State Department Office of the Historian and the CIA Reading Room, the Cold War collections at the British National Library, Latin American resources and collections, and The League of Nations/United Nations. For recordings of these sessions, with the exception of the UN/League of Nations archive (video here), please visit https://www.victoria-phillips.global/history-onlin....

For further information, please contact Dr. Victoria Phillips at the email above.


Victoria Phillips