11.06. until 12.06.2015 in Oxford, United Kingdom

Modernities, Transformations and Evolving Identities in post-1945 Poland

  • 11.06. until 12.06.2015
  • Deadline for submissions: 15.03.2015
  • Univeristy of Oxford

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Modernities, Transformations and Evolving Identities in post-1945 Poland

DATE: 11-12 June 2015

VENUE: the University of Oxford, St Antony's College, European Studies Centre, Programme of Modern Poland, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6JF, United Kingdom

ORGANISERS: Dr Mikołaj Kunicki, Mr Hubert Czyzewski, Ms Katarzyna Jezowska

In his critical analysis of the legacy of the Enlightenment, "The Idolatry of Politics," Leszek Kołakowski argued, "We learn history not in order to know how to behave or how to succeed, but to know who we are". Due to its extremely complex history, Poland had to re-establish and re-invent itself more than one time in a lifetime of one generation. Authoritarian or democratic, socialist or capitalist, integrated with the East, or rather with the West, these were all different Polands, but at the same time, it was the same country. The conference focuses on the notion of modernities, and sweeping socio-economic, political and cultural changes in post-1945 Poland. At this conference, we aim at addressing these issues in the contexts of social sciences, humanities, and cultural studies. We want to invite young scholars working in different disciplines to present novel insights. We hope that the multidisciplinary character of the conference will bring new perspectives and offer intellectual tools that will help to readdress the outcome of processes and developments that left an imprint on the country. It is our ambition to trigger a conversation between young researchers and academics working across various scholarly fields in social sciences and humanities and to establish a platform for further exchange of ideas and projects for those engaged with contemporary Polish studies.

We seek 20-minutes papers that will reassess aspects of modernity and transformations in post-1945 Poland. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Polish-German relations
  • Polish- Russian relations
  • Poland within NATO, the European Union, and the region
  • Socialist modernity in visual culture and literary studies
  • Turning-points of 1956, 1968, 1980, 1989
  • West in the East, East in the West?
  • Economic history and policies

The outcome of the conference will be a publication of an edited volume of essays based on the extended versions of presented papers. Submissions are invited from doctoral candidates and early career academics (completion of the doctorate in the last two years). Please send an abstract (no longer than 400 words) with keywords, brief bios, and contact information to hubert.czyzewski@sant.ox.ac.uk .

We are also accepting panel suggestions.

The deadline for submission is 15th March 2015. Accepted speakers will be notified by 1st

April 2015.

For further inquiries, please contact hubert.czyzewski@sant.ox.ac.uk


Hubert Czyzewski
  • Modernities, Transformations and Evolving Identities in post-1945 Poland

    Reported by Dr. Falk Flade