26.11.2016 in Warszawa, Poland

The EU without the UK. Implications and Legal Consequences of BREXIT

  • 26.11.2016
  • Event languages: English, Polish
  • Faculty of Law and Administration University of Warsaw
  • Event location: University of Warsaw

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Leaving the European Union has been an attractive slogan to many political groups across Europe. On June 23rd, 2016, for the first time in its history, a European Union membership referendum was held in the United Kingdom and the British voted to "leave".

Given the dynamic nature of the situation and the highly unpredictable nature of subsequent developments, the real consequences of Brexit remain speculative. This process will obviously entail complex, long-term and serious legal and economic implications for individuals and entrepreneurs domiciled inside the EU and beyond. Debate rages as to what exactly will happen next. Whom will the implications of Brexit affect, when will the consequences be felt and what will be their full extent? At present, there are no clear answers, but plenty of possible scenarios.

In light of the above our conference, entitled The EU without the UK: the Implications and Legal Consequences of BREXIT, aims to provide a platform for participants to discuss the current situation, the challenges and the likely developments of BREXIT in light of the relevant law: whether British, European or International.

The conference will be divided into 3 substantive sessions: panel I: internal implications for the European Union (EU Institutions and EU Treaties, free movement of goods, capital, services, and people after BREXIT, EU internal policies: agriculture, fisheries and foods, climate action, economy, finance and tax, employment and social rights, energy and natural resources, justice, home affairs and citizens' rights, etc.); panel II: external implications for the European Union ((bilateral relations with UK, succession of agreements, neighbourhood policy and enlargement negotiations); and panel III: implications for the United Kingdom (the UK's legal system after leaving the EU, the legal mechanics of leaving the EU, relations with Russia, USA, WTO etc.).

The language of the conference will be English. The conference will be held on 26th November 2016 in Warsaw.

  • The EU without the UK. Implications and Legal Consequences of BREXIT

    Reported by M.A. Michał Dorociak