02.12. until 06.12.2020 in Vienna, Austria

7th Young Scholars Forum on Central and South East Europe

  • 02.12. until 06.12.2020
  • Event language: English
  • Deadline for submissions: 30.09.2020
  • Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM)
  • Type of Event: Conference

Link to this post: https://www.pol-int.org/en/node/8717

7th Young Scholars Forum on Central and South East Europe: "European narratives – in search for common diversity"

Europeans face Europeans. The national policies of the states making up the old continent continue to shape Europe's future at the expense of Europe as whole. The divisions among the countries are deepening, very often in a way that creates a crisis both internally and in a global context. The constant search of common narratives – as the basis for a common identity-based policy – seems to be increasingly difficult in the face of fragmented political spectrum and ever-more differing policy approaches in Europe. The purpose of the Forum is to provide space for young scientists to find what is common to all Europeans.

As part of the 3-day event, 20 young researchers from all over Europe are invited to present and discuss their research work related to the topic of the Forum, as well as to network among themselves. The conference will take place on the first two days under the direction of experts within four thematically different panels:

- Europe as an area of peace and stability
- Europe as a space of cultural diversity
- Europe as a global actor
- If not the EU, is there/has there been an alternative?

The third day is designated for further exchange among participants during a thematically appropriate social programme in Vienna and Lower Austria.


Who we are looking for

We are seeking a maximum of 20 young scholars working on Central and South Eastern Europe in the fields of peace research and security policy, cultural studies, political sciences, economy, geography, sociology, media studies and history to contribute with their research to the analysis of the afore-mentioned issues and to find a common narrative that would held the future Europe together.

Aims of the Forum

- Promoting and encouraging young scholars to engage with Central and South East Europe
- Presentation of research by young scholars to a wider public
- Publication of research contributions in the IDM scientific journal "Der Donauraum"
- Exchange among young and more advanced researchers on topics, methods, sources and results
- Networking
- Furthering mobility within the region


Daniel Martínek
Institut für den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa, Hahngasse 6/1/24, 1090 Wien