H-Poland Editor Recruitment

Dear Colleagues,

Those of you who were present at last fall's meeting of the Polish Studies Association in San Francisco know that we hope to recruit new editors to join our H-Poland editorial team. This post is to encourage you to apply to be one. Having more editors on board will enable us to specialize in various ways and/or rotate responsibilities.

There are many different activities and projects that new editors might choose to take on. These include writing blogs and facilitating discussion, posting course syllabi, collecting primary source documents or other materials for use in teaching or research, writing up and/or posting conference notes, soliciting book reviews, scouring H-Announcements and other resources for announcements of possible interest to PSA and H-Poland subscribers, checking the H-Poland webpage for new subscribers and moderating subscriber posts. Feel free to propose projects of your own as well.

The work is not onerous, although those interested in becoming editors will need to be trained by H-Net (that is, take an online course, in which you will get to practice skills learned).

We are keen to work with doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars, including independent scholars within the field, and encourage you to volunteer. We take voluntary work seriously, and we want our editors to be reliable, actively engaged, and willing to be a team member.

Although the job carries no remuneration, there are positive rewards of becoming an editor. These include the following:

• it provides access to discussions, announcements, and other postings relevant to a variety of fields and disciplines

• it makes one known in the profession

• it is a good way to keep abreast of the field

• it affords occasions to work both independently and collaboratively

• it provides opportunities for developing editorial skills and experience, developing a stronger C.V. and portfolio, and editors get a chance to work in their preferred area of interest.

Interested? Send a copy of your curriculum vitae and a brief letter telling us what you might like to do to enrich our network to either patrice.dabrowski[at]gmail.com or editorial-poland@mail.h-net.org. Or write to the same with questions and queries.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

H-Poland Editors