Call for Nominations: The Bronisław Malinowski Award in the Social Sciences

  • Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America (PIASA)
  • Application deadline: Sunday, November 15, 2020
  • Social Sciences

Named for an eminent social scientist and founding member and first president of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America, the Bronisław Malinowski Award recognizes a scholar in one of the fields of the social sciences who has written a book or seminal publication of particular value and significance dealing with an aspect of the Polish experience. In past instances, the Malinowski Award has also recognized a scholar's outstanding body of published work. The book, outstanding publication or body of work should represent exemplary scholarly research published in the fields encompassed by the social sciences, including anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology, according to standards recognized by those disciplines.


  • The book, publication, or body of work must be written in the English language.
  • The author must be a scholar living and working in North America.
  • The book or publication must have appeared during the 2019 calendar year. If the nomination is based on a body of work, it must include a significant publication within the last five calendar years.
  • Publications containing original research or new, original syntheses are eligible for consideration; edited collections are ineligible.

Nominations, including self-nominations, should include:

  • A letter of justification why the particular candidate is deserving of the award;
  • A curriculum vitae of the nominee that includes a bibliography of significant publications and a list of accomplishments;
  • Any additionally relevant materials such as book reviews, citation indices, and letters of support

Nominations are made by submitting the requested materials to Dr. Michael Bernhard at by November 15, 2020.

The recipient of the Bronsław Malinowski Award in the Social Sciences will be recognized during the 8th World Congress of PIASA in Białystok, Poland, June 10-13, 2021.