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PhD position for a historian under the NAWA STER grant | Stellenangebot

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The Anthropos Doctoral School of the Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences




The Anthropos Doctoral School of the Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences invite applications for one PhD student position under the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) STER grant “Next Generation Global PhDs” (BPI/STE/2021/1/00010, project leader: Dr. Olga Linkiewicz)

Job title: PhD student

Scope of work:

  • research to complete a doctoral dissertation, to be finished within four years,
  • dissemination of the research results (conferences and publications).


  • research in the field of history (interdisciplinary projects are welcome),
  • work with a supervisor affiliated with an institution outside Poland,
  • taking part in courses and seminars at the Anthropos Doctoral School in Warsaw, Poland and at an institution abroad, and other forms of international collaboration, including a stay at an institution outside Poland where the student will give a talk or a conference paper, and present his/her research findings and plan (dissertation prospectus),
  • preparing the dissertation in English or other recognized world language (French, German or Russian). The dissertation can be prepared in a student’s native language provided that the student will publish the research findings in an article/chapter/monograph available to the international community of scholars,
  • preparing for publication at least one text in English or another language used in international academia to communicate research findings. This text should meet the requirements of the Anthropos School curriculum.

Employment conditions under the grant:

Form of employment: scholarship

Scholarship amount: 4000 zł during before mid-term evaluation, 5000 zł during after the mid-term evaluation during the period covered by the grant (b. June 2022 and December 2024); otherwise in the statutory amount.

Starting date: 7 March 2022

Required documents:

1) completed application form (available here), including proposed doctoral project and a work schedule covering all the planned activities with a justification for undertaking them and the expected results,

2) curriculum vitae with a list of publications and other scientific achievements,

3) written confirmation (e-mail) from a prospective supervisor who tentatively agrees to take on the role,

4) a copy of a university master diploma, or: – a certificate from your institution confirming completion of a master’s degree (in the case of foreigners – an equivalent document), or: -certificate of implementation of the “Diamond Grant”

5) personal questionnaire (available here),

6) a copy of the master’s thesis or its equivalent (in electronic form, preferably PDF),

7) a passport style photograph of the candidate,

8) (if possible, and if English is not your first language) a copy of a certificate confirming knowledge of English at B2 level or higher

9) certified copy of the university diploma or an equivalent document. For non-EU nationals: These documents may be certified via the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA).

Documents * should be sent before 28 February 2022 by e-mail to the following address:

Documents received after this deadline date will not be assessed.

Interviews will take place between 3–4 March 2022. Candidates chosen for an interview will be notified via email before 1 March 2022. The interviews may take place via Zoom or similar electronic meeting services.

* A candidate’s personal data are processed by the Institute of History at the Polish Academy of Sciences (Rynek Starego Miasta 29/31, 00-272 Warsaw) for the purposes of this application. Data is shared voluntarily, but these data are necessary for the application process. Data will be processed during the necessary period for carrying out a selection process, including archiving. Data can be shared with authorized entities, and administrative and organizational services, on the basis of applicable laws. The person to whom the data belong, maintains the right to access their own personal data, as well as the right to correct that data, delete them or limit their processing. In addition, your personal data can be transferred at your request or you can file a complaint about its processing with the Office of Personal Data Protection. For all matters concerning the processing of personal data, please contact the Inspector of Data Protection of the IH PAN: Detailed information is available on our website:



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