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East Central Europe Volume 47: Staged Otherness. Ethnographic Shows in Central and Eastern Europe, 1850–1939

Herausgeber Dagnosław Demski, Dominika Czarnecka and Kamila Baraniecka-Olszewska (eds.)
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Sprache Englisch

ISSN: 1876-3308

Contextualizing Ethnographic Shows in Central and Eastern Europe; Authors: Dominika Czarnecka and Dagnosław Demski, pp. 163–172

Relocating the "Human Zoo": Exotic Displays, Metropolitan Identity, and Ethnographic Knowledge in Late Nineteenth-Century Budapest; Author: László Kontler, pp.173–201

Spaces of Modernity: Ethnic Shows in Poznań, 1879–1914; Author: Dagnosław Demski, pp. 202–232

"The Samoans Are Here!": Samoan Ethnic Shows, 1895–1911; Author: Hilke Thode-Arora, pp. 233–260

Others among Others: Latvians' View of Members of Ethnographic Shows; Author: Ilze Boldāne-Zeļenkova, pp. 261–284

Black Female Bodies and the "White" View: The Dahomey Amazon Shows in Poland at the End of the Nineteenth Century; Author: Dominika Czarnecka, pp. 285–312

Buffalo Bill and Patriotism: Criticism of the Wild West Show in the Polish-Language Press in Austrian Galicia in 1906; Author: Kamila Baraniecka-Olszewska, pp. 313–333

The Modernity of Interwar Turkey through the Eyes of Yugoslav Travelers (1923–1939); Author: Anđelko Vlašić, pp. 335–359

Debate on Europe since 1989 by Philipp Ther, pp. 361–394

On Diana Mishkova; pp. 395–409

Contents; pp. 411–413