Marzena Żakowska, Dorota Domalewska (2019)

Factors Determining Polish Parliamentarians’ Tweets on Migration: A Case Study of Poland

Abkürzung der Zeitschrift Czech Journal of Political Science / Politologický časopis
Heftnummer/Volume 3 (2019)
Seitenzahl(en) 200-216

ISSN: 1211-3247 (Print), 1805-9503 (Online)

This article examines migration-themed tweets issued by Polish MPs on the social media platform Twitter by presenting patterns in the narrative on migration as well as identifying determinants affecting politicians' discourse. The study fills a gap in the literature on the way political leaders discuss migration on social media. The empirical investigation proves that Polish parliamentarians frame their migration tweets around three dominant topics: threat, humanitarian and/or financial aid, and opportunities. The discussion on migration is shaped by several factors: the complexity of the issue, mainly in the area of adopted legislative procedures and mechanisms for their implementation (the political factor), the public response (the social factor), and the public perception of migrants which, in turn, is influenced by existing prejudices and stereotypes (the psychological factor). The complexity of the above-mentioned factors results in direct implications, i.e. the emergence of difficulties affecting the decision-making process of a politician as well as the occurrence of specific reactions of the public to the discussion of the migration topic. In addition, they lead to indirect implications, i.e. the emergence of factors – challenges, threats, opportunities, and risks – that on one hand affect the politician's rhetoric on migration, and on the other hand contribute to shaping public opinion as well as reinforcing or weakening social fears, anxieties, prejudice, and stereotypes.

DOI 10.5817/PC2019­-3­-200