Aleksandra Binicewicz (2017)

Contemporary Identity and Memory in the Borderlands of Poland and Germany

Verlag Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Erscheinungsort New Castle upon Tyne
Seitenzahl(en) 572
Sprache Englisch

ISBN: 978-1527500150

The book analyses issues associated with the contemporary and memory in the Polish-German borderlands a complex, multidimensional cultural and geographic area. The first section of the book, which focuses on contemporary issues, is divided into three parts: namely, a theoretical body, records of conversations with the inhabitants of the borderlands who are engaged in social activities, and records of workshops and conversations that brought together teenage inhabitants of the borderlands. Close cooperation with the inhabitants of two borderland towns resulted in several interesting perspectives on the borderlands, which are seen as a physical space, as well as a mental, intimate, close, and sometimes frustrating space subject to micro- and macro-scale transformations. In this book, the borderlands are viewed from these two perspectives. The micro-scale, is marked out by the individual experience of the inhabitants of the borderlands, and the macro-scale by the institutional framework established for the purpose of constructing an integrated community on the border.