25.10. bis 27.10.2018 in Kraków, Polen

International Conference History as an Instrument of Contemporary International Conflicts Cracow (Poland), 25-27 October 2018

Link zu diesem Eintrag: https://www.pol-int.org/de/node/7056

Events from the past, most often related to wars, violence and violation of rights of some social groups by others, are sometimes used in present times as an instrument of international conflicts. By looking at contemporary international relations one may get the impression that the number of conflicts in which a specific historical narrative is employed has been increasing. Accordingly, the convenors of this conference are convinced that by raising this subject-matter one has to resort to methods and acquis of a number of disciplines like political sciences, history, international relations, sociology, social anthropology, social psychology etc. Thus, the organizers wish to:

  • identify and compare conflicts of this kind;
  • propose a typology of such conflicts;
  • verify and interpret the thesis on the alleged increase of these conflicts in the world today;
  • comprehend political, social, and psychological functions of historical conflicts;
  • engage in an attempt to analyze them by using social science methods;
  • familiarise ourselves with methods of solving conflicts in which history is employed as an instrument;
  • indicate means to overcome traumatic historical experiences that have burdened international relations even decades later;
  • discuss further directions of evolution of studies on conflicts in which history is used as an instrument.


Przemysław Furgacz