Katarzyna Słomska (2017)

Evaluation of selected maps used in early school education in Poland and proposal of a new solution

Zeitschrift Polish Cartographical Review
Abkürzung der Zeitschrift PCR
Heftnummer/Volume 49: 2 (2017)
Seitenzahl(en) 67-77

ISSN: 0324-8321 (Print), 2450-6966 (Online)

The author presents criteria of evaluation and assumption for early school education maps. Attention was payed to needs and perceptual possibilities of map users and cartographic correctness of maps. Main criteria of map evaluation – content and form of a map – have their unique attributes. In case of the first criterion they are accuracy and currency, classification of content and usability. Second criterion consist of: composition, colours, labels on the map and readability. Materials commissioned by Ministry of National Education were evaluated on the said criteria basis. Evaluation of maps for early school education revealed their flaws, among which absence of a scale can be named. Afterwards assumptions were developed and used to prepare own proposal of a map. Achieving maximum readability was a priority. Other assumptions concerned graphic balance, classification and hierarchy of content, simplicity of elaboration, usage of readable typefaces and adjustment of transmission to the age of users.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/pcr-2017-0006

PDF: https://www.degruyter.com/downloadpdf/j/pcr.2017.4...