Taylor & Francis (seit 2002)

Applied Environmental Education & Communication

Abkürzung AEEC
Herausgeber Brian A. Day
Frequenz vierteljährlich
Sprache Englisch

ISSN: Print 1533-015X, Online 1533-0389

Applied Environmental Education and Communication is a scholarly journal for both academics and practitioners. The journal presents the latest developments in the fields of environmental social marketing, environmental journalism, environmental education, sustainability education, environmental interpretation, and environmental health communication. It also examines environmental initiatives in governmental and corporate public awareness, public relations and outreach, behavioral science, interpersonal and mass media, and worldwide education and communication campaigns. The journal seeks to advance a synergistic relationship between research and practical information to help readers solve real environmental problems.

Applied Environmental Education and Communication provides practitioners with specific recommendations based on experience and research. Authors are encouraged to report what did not work as well as what did and make suggestions for future strategies. This multidisciplinary journal is written in a straightforward style with a minimum of technical jargon.


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