Marek Sobczyński, Marek Barwiński (ed.) (2017)

Borderlands of nations, nations of borderlands. Minorities in the borderlands and on the fringes of countries

Verlag University of Lodz, Silesian Institute in Opole
Erscheinungsort Łódź - Opole
Seitenzahl(en) 256
Reihe Region and Regionalism, No. 13 vol. 1
Sprache Englisch

ISBN: 978-83-7126-311-8

In the past two years, the European continent has become the target of mass migration of various ethnic and religious groups who, for reasons of security or economic hardship, have decided to leave their homelands and go into dangerous exile, mostly by sea. In order to reach the world perceived by them as an oasis of security and prosperity, and above all tolerance for racial, ethnic, cultural and religious differences, the arrivals are deepening the already large diversity of the Old Continent's population, where the various minorities have been living for a long time. Particularly interesting is the question of the functioning of national and religious minorities in the borderlands between countries, as well as the formation of such borderlands by different nations. Therefore, the editors propose that number 13 of Region and Regionalism addresses the issue of Borderlands of nations, nations of borderlands. The proposed subject matter met with the lively response from the authors, so much so that the number of submitted papers prompted the Editorial Board to divide them into two volumes. The first volume, collects the works discussing Minorities in the borderlands and the fringes of countries.

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