Anna Mazurkiewicz (ed.) (2013)

East Central Europe in Exile. Volume 2. Transatlantic Identities

Verlag Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Erscheinungsort Newcastle upon Tyne
Sprache Englisch

ISBN: 978-1443848916

The East Central Europe in Exile series consists of two volumes which contain chapters written by both esteemed and renowned scholars, as well as young, aspiring researchers whose work brings a fresh, innovative approach to the study of migration. Altogether, there are thirty-eight chapters in both volumes focusing on the East Central European emigre experience in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This very same experience led to the formation of East Central Europe in exile - a powerful ethnic conglomerate of people pushed out of the region by poverty, war, persecution, and who maintained their transatlantic links in a variety of forms. The second volume is slightly different in scope, for it focuses on the aspect of negotiating new identities acquired in the adopted homeland. The authors contributing to Transatlantic Identities focus on the preservation of the east central European identity, maintenance of contacts with the "old country", and activities pursued on behalf of, and for the sake of, the abandoned homeland. Combined, both volumes describe the transnational processes affecting the east central European migrants.

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  • East Central Europe in Exile. Volume 2. Transatlantic Identities

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