Call for Book Proposals: Polish, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian Studies

Proposals are welcome for monographs and edited collections for consideration in Academic Studies Press's recently launched regional series:

Polish Studies

This series welcomes proposals in Polish studies, including literature, film, performance studies, gender and women's studies, cultural and intellectual history, folklore, and critical theory. Open to different methodological approaches, interpretive perspectives, and historical frameworks, the series is designed to showcase the richness of Polish studies in the twenty-first century. It aims to offer new interpretations of familiar texts and practices; to take roads less traveled in Polish studies to look for fresh insights and extend available knowledge about a complex and controversial culture; to chart new directions in scholarship on Polish topics; and to open up cutting-edge interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives.

Series Editor: Halina Filipowicz (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Lithuanian Studies

This series is designed for all authors in the fields of Lithuanian history, political science, anthropology, linguistics, literary studies, ethnology, sociology, etc. It does not promote any specific scholarly critical methodology, nor does it limit itself to any period, genre, or author grouping in Lithuanian studies. The primary criteria for acceptance will be quality of research, conceptual robustness, clarity of thought, and elegance of style. Interdisciplinary projects are welcome. The vetting process will be rigorous and blind, with readers normally including a specialist with appropriate expertise and a member of the editorial board. Translations of works previously published in other languages (Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Hebrew) will be considered.

Series Editor: Darius Staliunas (Lithuanian Institute of History)

Ukrainian Studies

This series publishes scholarly monographs and edited multi-authored volumes in Ukrainian studies with a strong emphasis in the humanities, including literature, film and media studies, gender studies, history, intellectual history, cultural studies, art history, the performing arts, folklore, and musicology. It welcomes traditional approaches and methodologies as well as new and innovative frameworks that experiment with scholarly forms to meet the demands and richness of twenty-first century Ukrainian studies. This series also publishes translations of the best Ukrainian poetry and prose not previously available in English. Carving out new arenas in Ukrainian studies and developing and improving existing ones, this series publishes works that will be essential to scholars and students of Ukrainian studies for years to come.

Series Editor: Vitaly Chernetsky (University of Kansas)

Proposals may be submitted via e-mail at any time to For information on how to submit a proposal and to view additional series, please