Mikołaj Kunicki, Hubert Czyżewski, Katarzyna Jeżowska (ed.) (2016)

Post-1945 Poland: Modernities, Transformations and Evolving Identities

Verlag St Antony’s College ‒ University of Oxford
Erscheinungsort Oxford
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Reihe Working papers. Programme on Modern Poland
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On 11-12 June 2015 doctoral candidates and early career researchers from European and American universities presented their original research in Polish studies. Crafted around the notions of different visions of modernity, and socio-economic, political and cultural changes in post-1945 Poland, six thematic panels provided the opportunity to cross disciplinary borders of humanities and social sciences. The panels examined the processes of reinventing local identities in the aftermath of the Second World War; transformation of political consciousness throughout the turning points of Poland's contemporary history; different systems of economic, social, and cultural exchange during the Cold War and beyond; reflections on historical watersheds by the country's leading intellectuals. Finally, the last two panels dissected the legacy of the post-1989 transformation of the Polish society. Led by distinguished scholars in Polish Studies from leading British universities, including Oxford, SSEES at UCL, and King's College London, the panels provided a unique opportunity for exchanging ideas and experiences between students of different backgrounds and senior academics. The extended versions of conference papers is featured in this series of working papers published under the auspices of POMP.

(The University of Oxford, St Antony's College, European Studies Centre, Programme of Modern Poland)


Dr Dariusz Brzeziński

Turning-points of 1956, 1968, 1980, 1989

in the works of zygmunt bauman


Hubert Czyżewski

Evolution of Leszek Kołakowski's religious thought —

post-conference working paper


Falk Flade

Nuclear energy in poland and the Polish-Soviet relations


Przemysław Gasztold-Seń

Between non-refundable aid and economic profits:

export of arms from the Polish People's Republic's

to the third world countries


Anna Gromada

What can the post-1989 fertility fall tell us

about post-communist poland?


Anna Jagielska

"The ideology of gender presents a threat worse

Than nazism and communism combined."

Polish catholic discourse on gender equality

In the face of social and cultural changes in Poland


Katarzyna Jeżowska

Challenging the ideology: the construction of the narrative

of the 1st Exhibition of the Polish Light Industry in Moscow in 1949


Kinga Koźmińska

Language ideologies and gender in the modern

Polish community in the UK


Vasco Kretschmann

The triple reinvention of Wrocław

in its twentieth century exhibitions


Piotr J. Leśniak

Archive of the future: an architectural imaginary

of reconstructed Warsaw


Natasha Oxley

Modernisations of Polish identities in contemporary

Polish plays: the right to individuality


Jakub Szumski

The party, Solidarity or both?

Transformation of political identities in 1980–1981 Poland.


Ilona Wysmułek

Corruption during transformations of Polish society:

Survey data analysis of perceived changes and their determinants