Writing a PhD on Poland and Germany in Europe

The PhD program of the Willy Brandt Center for German and European Studies of the University of Wroclaw offers new places. Supervised by Professor Jochen Roose and Dr. Elzbieta Opilowska, you may write a PhD in sociology on topics in the field of European integration or German-Polish comparisons.

Topics on Europeanisation or a German-Polish comparison can be proposed on border regions, social movements, volunteering, public debates, attitudes, identities, social support, social work, transnationalized lives etc. Also other topics in the context of Europeanisation of German-Polish comparisons are welcome.

Candidates in the program are carefully advised in their work. Depending on the topic an application for grant for research in Germany is supported. The dissertation has to be written in English or German.

Deadline: 6.7.2016

Required documents: see wbz.uni.wroc.pl

In case of interest or questions on topics in sociology contact roose@wbz.uni.wroc.pl or opilowska@wbz.uni.wroc.pl


Jochen Roose