Poland on my mind

Poland on my mind

Poland is making headlines. The right-wing conservative government is being critizied for reorganizing the state, from domineering the Constitutional Court to manipulating the public media. Some consider the criticism of the PiS government unfair and excessive. Others fear the fall of democracy in the heartland of the European Union. So, we need to talk: how can these political developments in Poland be explained? Which EU do the Poles want and what will be their roll in it?

With "Poland on my mind" the Publixphere network (https://publixphere.net) is starting something of an experiment. Is it possible to have a trans-national debate on 'Poland in Europe'? Can we talk to each other instead of about one another - online and offline? Can we get to know each other and connect as a European public - with citizens from Poland and potentially all other EU countries?

We want to provide young and politically interested Europeans with the space and opportunity to do just that. In April 2016 (and beyond) citizens and experts will pose their questions and hypotheses on the developments in Poland on Publixphere.net and put them up for discussion.


Charlotte von Knobloch