Scholarship for doctoral students within the research field of “B/Orders in Motion”

The European University Viadrina, in its commitment to support early career scholars, is offering, within the frame of a correlative Brandenburg state decree (Graduiertenförderungsverordnung des Landes Brandenburg),

one scholarship for doctoral students

of 1.100€ per month (including book and material allowances and travel expenses), plus an extra family allowance

within the research field of "B/Orders in Motion".

Starting from 01.01.2016, it has a maximal duration of three years – initial duration is one year, that can be twice extended for a period of one year.

This scholarship program is addressed to doctoral students from law, culture and social sciences or economy and business administration fields, whose projects share a key affinity with the research focus of the Viadrina "B/Orders in Motion". Applicants should have a particular interest in the issues and activities of the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION. (cf. and, for scientific topics and projects currently in progress at the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION, see further:

The holder of the scholarship is expected to attend the "Forschungskolloquium B/ORDERS IN MOTION" regularly and to present his/her dissertation project to the members of the colloquium.

Eligible are doctoral students at the initial phase of their project, who can produce a letter confirming supervision by a professor at the European University Viadrina and an additional recommendation letter from a professor. Decision criteria will be excellent achievements in the study area proven by grading and, if applicable, publications

To apply, please submit:

- Cover letter

- Curriculum vitae

- Diploma (proof of completed university degree)

- Exposé of the dissertation project locating the topic in the frame of the research field "B/Orders in Motion" with a work schedule (max. 10 pages) plus one page summary

- an acceptance letter from a Viadrina professor to act as Ph.D-supervisor ("Betreuungszusage")

- recommendation letter from a professor

- if relevant, a proof of the family status

- Statement about the income situation and, if applicable, about secondary employment before and during the period of the scholarship

Please send your application in one PDF-file (if appropriate the recommendation letter may be sent in a separate PDF-file; max. 2 MB per file) and exclusively in electronic form, under the reference "Promotionsstipendium B/Orders in Motion", to:

The president of the scholarship committee Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller Vice-President for Research and Graduate Education of European University Viadrina


The holder of the scholarship commits himself/herself to concentrate thoroughly on his/her dissertation project. Scientific activities as secondary employment up to 10 hours/ week and nonscientific activities as secondary employment up to 5 hours/ week are permissible. The income for such secondary employments (exemption limit: 6.000 €/ year) will not be credited against the scholarship. Revenues from assets (unlimited) will equally not be taken into account.

Please also note that the scholarship cannot be granted if another funding is already granted for the same purpose and the same period by public or publicly funded private organizations (i.e. double funding is impossible).

The European University Viadrina foundation is an equal opportunity institution and is committed to increase the number of female professors and researchers. Therefore, women are strongly encouraged to apply. Any question about this non-discrimination topic is welcome here:

The European University Viadrina has been certified as family-friendly, to know more:

Please note: the European University Viadrina will not provide any reimbursement for eventual costs and expenses incurred within the application process.