Joanna Urbanek (2015)

Everyday life in the shadow of terror. German occupation in Poland 1939-1945

Verlag Muzeum II Wojny Światowej
Erscheinungsort Gdańsk
Seitenzahl(en) 328
Sprache Englisch

ISBN: 978-83-63029-55-5

Featuring more than four hundred photographs, the volume published by the Gdańsk Museum of the Second World War offers a comprehensive panorama of everyday life in Poland under German occupation. It presents unique visual insights into a vast range of different phenomena, including food provisioning, the black market, wartime culture, and terror. Individual chapters are devoted to the parallel worlds of Polish towns and villages, Jewish gettos, the Germans, and the underground resistance movement. The photographs, most of which are published for the very first time, are accompanied by a concise introduction as well as a detailed commentary. Additionally, fragments of diaries, journals, accounts and court testimonies refer the contemporaries' impressions and feelings about everyday life under Nazi occupation.

The book has previously been published in Polish under the title "Codzienność w cieniu terroru. Okupacja niemiecka w Polsce 1939-1945".