Joshua Shanes (2012)

Diaspora Nationalism and Jewish Identity in Habsburg Galicia

Verlag Cambridge University Press
Erscheinungsort New York et. al.
Seitenzahl(en) 320
Sprache Englisch

ISBN: 978-1-107-01424-4

The triumph of Zionism has clouded recollection of competing forms of Jewish nationalism vying for power a century ago. This study explores alternative ways to construct the modern Jewish nation. Jewish nationalism emerges from this book as a Diaspora phenomenon much broader than the Zionist movement. Like its non-Jewish counterparts, Jewish nationalism was first and foremost a movement to nationalize Jews, to construct a modern Jewish nation while simultaneously masking its very modernity. This book traces this process in what was the second largest Jewish community in Europe, Galicia. The history of this vital but very much understudied community of Jews fills a critical lacuna in existing scholarship while revisiting the broader question of how Jewish nationalism – or indeed any modern nationalism – was born. Based on a wide variety of sources, many newly uncovered, this study challenges the still-dominant Zionist narrative by demonstrating that Jewish nationalism was a part of the rising nationalist movements in Europe.

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  • Galizien als Forschungsfeld

    Rezensiert von Dr. Heidi Hein-Kircher