08.05.2015 in Frankfurt (Oder), Deutschland

Call for Conference: The European Union towards geopolitical dilemmas in East Partnership countries. The role of Poland and Germany in the process of their transformation.

Link zu diesem Eintrag: https://www.pol-int.org/de/node/1897

Project "Geopolitical dilemmas: The processes and challenges of Europeanization in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus"
Organisers: Jagiellonian University, European University Viadrina
Partners: Yerevan State University, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Moldova State University, Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Europe or Russia? The EU's Eastern Partnership aims to continue the EU's diplomatic engagement with the East, promoting political and economic cooperation as well as haring EU values, such as democracy. Russia, determined to strengthen ties with several former Soviet republics, views this development with suspicion. The Eastern Partnership is quickly becoming a battleground where Europe and Russia wrestle for influence in the region, confronting it with a geopolitical dilemma.

At two international conferences - one to be held in May 2015 in Frankfurt/Oder (DE) and the other in June 2015 in Krakow (PL) - the project aims at analysing the current challenges of Europeanization in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia. Of particular interest are the geopolitical dilemmas of these Eastern Partnership members in the governance of foreign policy towards the EU and Russia, as well as the analysis of the Polish and German foreign policy in relation to the development of the EU Eastern policy.


Dr. Kamila Schöll-Mazurek