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Central and Eastern European Historical Game Studies Workshop | Call for Papers

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Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences


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The two parts workshop aims at bringing together scholars from Central and Eastern Europe interested in history in games, history of games, history studied through games, and the relation between games and historical education. The goal of the workshop is to introduce the variety of existing research around historical games in Central and Eastern Europe. While the first part of the workshop (21–22 Nov) is dedicated to invited speakers introducing regional research discourses, the second part (28–29 Nov) is open to all applicants dealing with the connection of games and the past.


The papers can be connected to MA thesis, PhD thesis, research projects or personal study interests. The workshop is focused primarily on scholars from Central and Eastern Europe or based here but is not limited to a specific theme. Potential topics may focus (not exclusively) on:

  • Games as representations of the past
  • Theory and methodology of historical game studies
  • History of games and gaming culture
  • History and evolution of game development
  • Games and education
  • Use of games in museums, historical monuments, or exhibitions
  • Games and gender, diversity, and inclusivity
  • Transmedial connections of historical games with other media
  • Gaming communities and culture around historical games
  • Games as a form of historying
  • Historical games, politics, and propaganda

Proposals for individual papers must contain an explanation of the topic, its relevance for the workshop (max. 400 words) and a brief CV. The proposals should be submitted no later than 30 June 2022 at

This part of the workshop will take place online. All participants, both passive and active must register online here:

The preliminary program will be published during the summer. The papers will be edited and published online.

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