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Central and Eastern Europe in the International Politics of the 20th and 21st Centuries | Call for Papers

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Institute of History of the University of Szczecin in scientific cooperation with the Department of International Relations at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University and the Institute of History and Archival Studies at the Pedagogical University in Krakow


Kulturwissenschaft Geschichtswissenschaft Internationale Beziehungen Sonstige Politikwissenschaft Soziologie




Oskar Halecki’s concept of Central and Eastern Europe has become the subject of many historical, cultural, and political debates. The states of Central and Eastern Europe are undoubtedly an integral part of Europe with which they share common civilization roots. Historical experiences, however, brought some differences in their model of political and legal culture. Central and Eastern Europe, somewhat doomed to a different, diverse, and multinational neighborhood, was in the past and is still open to playing the role of a bridge between the East and the West. Besides, like the West of Europe, it has a long tradition of integration thought, ranging from the idea of Res Publica Christiana, through the idea of a union, up to a federation of states. A special place in this process is occupied by the dramatic events of the 20th century, when after World War I the identity of the countries in the region was shaped through the experience of communism, until the end of the 1980s, which brought the end of the Cold War and a change in the international position of Central and Eastern European countries. The arduous process of systemic transformation and gaining the subjectivity of societies and legal and international sovereignty by the states of this part of Europe began. The organizers are pleased to invite experienced researchers as well as people on the threshold of their adventure with science to the scientific conference - Central and Eastern Europe in international politics of the 20th and 21st centuries.

We are interested in bringing together scholars from various fields, especially but not exclusively, international relations, history, politics and public policy, social studies, etc. We encourage interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives and welcome abstract submissions from postgraduate students as we plan to organize panels with the participation of doctoral students and students.

All presentations should oscillate around three fundamental research problems:

Central and Eastern European countries as a subject and object of international relations

  • bilateral and multilateral relations 
  • cooperation within international organizations 
  • diplomacy and foreign policy 
  • regional cooperation 
  • integration concepts in this part of Europe

Intercultural relations in Central and Eastern Europe

  • ethnic and national minorities 
  • cultural cooperation 
  • protection of cultural heritage 
  • multiculturalism

The Countries of Central and Eastern Europe facing the crises of the 21st century

  • the migration crisis 
  • the climate crisis 
  • the energy crisis 
  • the health security crisis

Individual proposals should be sent to, interested scholars and doctoral students will then receive an application form to fill in and send back to the same address by April 29, 2022. The program will be posted on May 5, 2022. The organizers do not cover travel and accommodation expenses.

The conference fee is 350 PLN (round about 80,00 EUR) for experienced researchers, 100 PLN (round about 22,00 EUR) for doctoral students.

Conference venue:

  • The conference will be held in the hybrid form, in Szczecin and via an internet platform 
  • Conference languages: Polish, English, German, Czech, Slovak

Post-conference publication:

There is a publication planned in one of the conference languages in a renowned publishing house or journals from the ministerial list (after receiving positive reviews).

Organizing committee:

  • dr hab. Anna Szczepańska-Dudziak, prof. US (Chair) 
  • dr Renata Nowaczewska 
  • dr Jordan Siemianowski 
  • mgr Michał Rozenberg

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