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Enterprise and its environment. Economic, legal and social challenges | Call for Papers

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Institute of Law and Economics of Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz




International Scientific Conference "ENTERPRISE AND ITS ENVIRONMENT. ECONOMIC, LEGAL AND SOCIAL CHALLENGES " opens a series of annual meetings ofrepresentatives of the academia, the business community and business environment institutions.

The main idea behind the organization of this event is to create a space at the interface of science and business conducive to the integration and cooperation of the aforementioned circles, contributing to the implementation of joint projects and activities for the benefit of the region's economy and society. In addition, the conference is intended to bring closer the activities of businesses in the region, their role as a provider of goods and services, employer, innovator, as well as socially responsible organizations.

The interdisciplinary nature of the conference, combining discussions of economists, lawyers and representatives of other scientific disciplines will allow to discuss the place of the enterprise in a dynamically changing environment. Entrepreneurs, and therefore business practitioners, and academics agree that an enterprise does not operate in a social vacuum. Its role is not only to provide goods and services, it also carries the burden of responsibility for employed employees and their families, responsibilit

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