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Polish Studies Interdisciplinary (Pol-Int) is a service platform for academics working in the field of Polish studies. With Pol-Int you can stay up to date, benefit from networking with the academic community, and save yourself valuable time and resources.


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Polish Studies Blog

The academic blog highlights the liveliness and diversity of Polish studies in incisive posts and exciting formats.

Every month, a different institution from the field of Polish studies is in charge of the blog.

This month's topic is: How to propagate and teach the history of Poland?, supervised by the Center for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin.



06 Oct
Programmkino Rex, Citydome Darmstadt, Wilhem
Filmvorführung "Maidan" von Sergei Loznitsa
11 Oct
Bern, Bibliothek Münstergasse, Veranstaltungssaal Münstergasse 63, 1. UG
Buch am Mittag: Zwischen Ost und West. Die Ukraine und ihre komplexe Geschichte
12 - 13 Oct
Ukraine im Krieg: Deutsch-Ukrainische Beziehungen auf dem Prüfstand – Neue Wege für eine starke Partnerschaft
08 Oct
Що робити? – Was tun? Studentische Tagung zur Osteuropaforschung


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